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The Pepper In The Gumbo: A Cane River Romance - Mary Jane Hathaway, Kathryn Frazier

5 out of 5

John Marshall: Definer of a Nation - Jean Edward Smith

5 out of 5!!! And the great Supreme enjoyed reading Jane Austen in 1827!

Old Friends and New Fancies: An Imaginary Sequel to the Novels of Jane Austen - Sybil G. Brinton

For a 1913 sequel, it's ok. Interesting that one plot line is close to a recent famous/infamous adaptation. Hmmmmm.....3 out of 5. As a reviewer of the book said on another platform, this one lacks any Austen wit. 

Emma - Jane Austen

This 6th reading was the best reading....so far. Started early for a book club discussion and finished with a few days to spare. Lol, how anything can't like Emma and Mr. K I'll never know. You know who you are....:)


General James Longstreet: The Confederacy's Most Controversial Soldier - Jeffry D. Wert

I'm a little disappointed in General Longstreet. A few of things he did were not what I expected from him. Still, the author makes the case that Longstreet wasn't one only one with blame in the 2nd Day of Gettysburg....as the "lost causers" would have us believe. Indeed...I think Longstreet gets maybe 20%......Lee and Stuart get the lion's share. 

The Trouble with Flirting - Claire LaZebnik

Wow, a modern Mansfield! I enjoyed it, especially in that some of it took place in Portland, OR....where I had been a week before reading it. 

Lincoln and Davis: Imagining America, 1809-1865 - Brian R. Dirck

Very deep and lawyerly! Perhaps that's why the Civil War Discussion Group picked it...4 out of 6 members of the group are.....lawyers! Sadly, I fell asleep three times while reading this. The ending....is poignant. 

Gettysburg: The Last Invasion - Allen C. Guelzo

Hated his "Chamberlain" is overrated page in the MIDDLE OF THE BATTLE!!!!!!!!! Otherwise, an interesting book. Did learn many things. But, CHAMBERLAIN is not overrated!!! Rant over!

High Rising - Angela Thirkell

If it wasn't for all the non-PC stuff(racist/ethnic slurs), this would be 4.5.

Northanger Abbey - Val McDermid

Loved it!

The Cookbook Collector - Allegra Goodman

Jess Bach is the best Marianne Dashwood since the original....ever!!!! I will reread her part of the story again soon. The rest of the book....well!!!!

Dated but interesting!

Speaking of Jane Austen - Jane] By Sheila Kaye-Smith and G.B. Stern. [Austen

4 Regency Teacups. While extremely dated, 1944, many interesting points. As many said on Goodreads, I certainly disagree with the authors on many points. However, very interesting points. The best part of the book for me was when each author gave a paragraph of their views on characters. For me only, an interesting connection with Sheila Kaye-Smith. My favorite composer, Ralph Vaughan Williams, wrote the music to the film version of her book "Joanna Godden".

"She was far too conscientious an artist to compromise with truth, and we may be sure that the facts she ignored could be ignored, and almost certainly were ignored by the kind of people she writes about...." -Sheila Kaye-Smith

Finally, I'll have to look for the exact quote. However, one of the authors says that a heroine of 20 years in Jane Austen's time would be 7 years older in 1944. Perhaps we can add another 1 1/2 to that equation. For me, that's the best answer to utter complete NONSENSE of saying so-so is too old to play so-so!!!!! ie Emma Thompson is too old to play Elinor Dashwood. Tell me whether you liked how they played character, not that so-so was too old(I suppose it might matter if the difference is 20 yrs but surely not 5-15 yrs). There a quite a few Janeites who I highly highly respect who wave the age comment. If the actress is all wrong for part, I'm looking at you Billie Piper, that's clearly fair game.

Sense & Sensibility (Austen Project) - Joanna Trollope

From the review desk of Adm. Croft: "It won't set the Thames on fire, but there's no harm in it".